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Submitted by Christine Whelan

JUNE 10, 2021 VOL. 2 ISSUE 21

Father’s Day is a day meant to honor all fathers and father figures, celebrating the important role they play in one’s family. Canada, like more than 80 countries in the world, also celebrates Father’s Day.

Most people believe that Father’s Day celebrations originated in the United States. There are two different stories of how this occasion began.

Some people believe that Father’s Day originated on July 5, 1908, when Grace Golden Clayton organized the first public Father’s Day celebration in Fairmont, West Virginia. She came up with an idea to honor dads when a mine explosion killed over 300 men, most of them are fathers.

Many believe it was Sonora Smart Dodd who founded Father’s Day. When she attended a mass with a church sermon about Mother’s Day, she realized fathers weren’t recognized the same way mothers were on Mother’s Day. Her father was widowed, yet he raised her and her siblings well. If mothers are honoured during Mother’s Day, she felt that honouring fatherhood is needed as well, so she raised this to her pastor.

On June 19, 1910, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington.

(Source: generalblue.com/fathers-day-in-canada)

Just for fun, I put in out, on social media last week, asking anyone on my friends list, what they thought made a good dad. I was surprised at the thread this question initiated. Here are a handful of opinions left, woven together, by both men and women.

What makes a good dad?

A good dad knows the value of time. He knows he needs to show up and be present, even if he’s broke or broken. He realizes his child needs him to listen, be honest and show unwavering support, loving unconditionally. He knows his child relies on him and makes sure he shows a stability that will allow his child to feel safe and important in this world.

He needs to be a good role model, leading by example and teaching respect by giving respect.

Whether he is in a relationship with his child’s mother or not, he is aware of how crucial it is to treat her well and find a way to show her respect. He is aware, his child is watching.

A good dad knows he’s in a great position to teach his child the value of an awesome sense of humour, that laughing at one’s self is beneficial and that imperfection is human perfection.

And above all, with all of this, a good dad does all of his dad thing with consistency. He knows his child needs to know what they can expect and what is expected of themselves.

And in the end, I have learned, that even the best of dads, once their children are grown, can still sit back and question themselves, “Was I a good enough dad?”

I guess a good dad doesn’t take his “dad-ness” for granted.

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