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The Harmonic Egg – An Innovation in Wellness

Submitted by Emma Kacur

Oct 28th, 2021, VOL. 3 ISSUE 5

Paige Clarke describes The Harmonic Egg as ‘the future of wellness’ – and with it’s innovative technology combining sound, colour, light and frequency in an egg shaped chamber, it might just be. Located in Niagara Falls it is the first of its kind in Canada, with 60 locations already spread across the United States and internationally.

Paige serves as the Canadian importer of this unique wellness product, which is over 11 feet wide and 7 feet tall, constructed entirely of wood, utilizing the concepts and measurements of Nikola Tesla mathematics, and sacred geometry. “It’s an honour to bring this to our country, I nicknamed all the other owners “pioneers”, because this is so new, yet it is based on ancient principles of health, wellness, and spirituality.” In one short year, she has found owners for over 20 locations, from Nanaimo to Grand Falls, New Brunswick.

Paige is a ten year resident of Fort Erie, and came across the Harmonic Egg as a composer, who saw the inventor Gail Lynn interviewed on Gaia TV with Regina Meredith. She immediately resonated with the concept and the mission of this alternative health modality, as she knew the power of music to shift the state of people’s mood, stress, or grief. After reaching out to the inventor Gail, Paige was commissioned by her to compose specialty music for the Egg sessions. “I get messages from owners across the world telling me the music I created is helping people, it’s the greatest honour. For the tracks I composed cello and piano, but I also went out and recorded in the Point Abino forest at 4am under the full moon…people from all over are listening to the crickets and the nature sounds from our town!”

The space is bright and airy and has the comfort of a living room. ‘I wanted it to be a safe space.’ Clarke explains. ‘Some people come in here and tell me their life story and we’re working on things they want to let go of.’

A session in the Harmonic Egg chamber is designed to alleviate the stress of everyday life and ease anxiety and depression. ‘‘We start by resetting the autonomic nervous system. This is what controls your stress, your hormones, your adrenals. Normally this is called fight or flight, a survival instinct from when we were cave men and women; that gut adrenalin reaction to danger.’ Clarke describes. ‘Because of the world that we live in, we can get stuck in fight or flight. Whether it’s a traffic jam or financial burdens, fear of the unknown, anxiety. Our bodies are living in fight or flight and staying there constantly. This stress is making our whole body susceptible to disease.’ The coronavirus crisis has further exacerbated rates of depression and anxiety. ‘Coming into the egg and resetting the autonomic nervous system is like coming into congruence with your truest, higher self and retraining that system to come into a state of calm. The brainwaves that happen in the egg are almost like being in a deep dream state and it basically helps you balance and fall into this deep relaxation. It’s like the deepest state of meditation you’d have difficulty reaching without years of internal practice.’

A session in the egg lasts 50 minutes and consists of 40 minutes of music and 10 minutes of silence. The first step is discussing a customized plan for each client.

‘We’ll do an intake and figure out the root causes for what is going on in the body and how we can help.’ Clarke then expertly picks a colour and light pattern and music specifically designed to help with a client’s concerns. Only then does the egg chamber come into play.

The egg itself is a large wooden chamber with speakers on each side and a zero gravity chair in the center. ‘It seemingly is stepping into something out of star trek.’ Clarke laughs. ‘But there is a lot of intention in the way it is designed to basically deliver these frequencies through the body. The speakers are at either end so when you’re lying in the zero gravity chair, which is very relaxing, the waves and frequency of the music are going through the whole body and resonating in the chamber.’

The Harmonic Egg has attracted people from all over Canada. ‘People come in for many different things.’ Clarke continues. ‘Anyone who needs to reduce stress in their life and retrain the body to live in that quiet relaxed space. But I also do protocols for anything, trauma, TMIs, chronic fatigue, inflammation. Children especially love the egg! I’ve even done remote sessions for horses. I’ve helped people with fatty liver issues, which is a really common reason people have trouble losing weight, as well as heavy metals in the body. Any kind of detox that is required, as well as the spiritual journey aspect to the Egg.’

Clarke also announced that beginning in 2022, she and Harmonic Egg international have partnered with Big Beaver Milling, a wood milling and custom furnishings company out of Stevensville to bring Canadian manufacturing of the Egg. “The Egg is spreading so quickly that we had to bring new manufacturing here to accommodate the demand. I found BBM through some referrals, and we’ve since signed a 3 year contract together. It’s an amazing opportunity for everyone involved, and means shorter wait times for the made-to-order Egg unit for buyers.”

More locations are set to open in Canada, with Paige Clarke spearheading the project. The next closest location is set to open in Toronto in June. Until then anyone in need of deep relaxation and a mental and physical reset can call 289 296 3396 book a session in the Harmonic Egg at 2722 St. Paul Ave, Niagara Falls.

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