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The Carnival Came to Town…at Garrison Place by Oxford

Submitted by Jennifer Wilkinson

July 22nd, 2021 VOL. 2 ISSUE 24

The pandemic was an extremely difficult time for everyone. Our seniors in retirement facilities likely felt the isolation most of all.  Cut off from a loved one’s regular visits, face-to-face contact from family and friends, and being left to worry and wonder about children and grandchildren on the outside took its toll on our most vulnerable and valuable. Many are learning how to navigate FB, Zoom, and other social media outlets for the first time, to stay connected.  

With more and more Ontarians fully vaccinated and restrictions lifting, Rachel Baker, Garrison Place’s Senior Living Consultant stated, “we wanted to do something special to get everyone out and having fun again”

July 10th, 2021, Garrison Place by Oxford was finally able to put the previous year and a half, where it belongs, in the past.

With the help of PSW, Billie Jo, and staff Recreation Coordinator Jessica, they decided on a Carnival Day.

Residents started the day off with a presentation by animal enthusiasts, Zack and Kayla, who brought by iguanas, turtles, a ferret, and Chinchilla, all for the residents to learn about, pet, and interact with.  

The fun did not stop there, it was onto an outside lunch and activities!

“Everyone was so happy to be outside”, said Rachel.

They had people lining up for the Yard Yahtzee, taking turns at dunking the person in the dunk tank, ring toss, and the most popular, Slip n Slide!

Garrison Place resident, Dorothea was determined to be first and fearlessly took her turn, then again and again!

This event was only open to the residents, but Rachel says as restrictions lift, even more, they have a Western Day in the works for August, complete with all the cowboy gear and BBQ.

At this point, they are planning the function to be open to residents, family, and friends.

“The carnival provided a fantastic day for our residents.  It was so wonderful to see everyone smiling and having fun again”, Rachel also stated, “we are so thankful to our caring staff who worked tirelessly to bring joy to our family at Garrison Place”.

There are no upcoming events at this time.