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Submitted by Christine Whelan

MAY 27, 2021 VOL. 2 ISSUE 20

Earlier this month, a post was shared on the

Town of Fort Erie’s Facebook Page, announcing

that the Bernard Beach boardwalk design project was underway. The boardwalk’s purpose is meant

to improve access to the beach and provide cover

for the storm outlet pipe, improving the look of the beach.

Let’s Talk, the Town’s online “engagement site designed to give the residents an opportunity to

tell the Town what they think” has set up a page to help keep the community informed of the progress

of the boardwalk and to provide a forum where residents can give their feedback on the project.

The site also includes the design sketch and measurements of the boardwalk, which is said to start from the crest of the hill and extends just short of the water’s edge.

As stated on the site, “Since the construction of a storm outlet at Bernard Beach, south of Thunder

Bay Road, a number of concerns have been raised by the public. Recognizing these concerns, the

Town of Fort Erie has allocated funds to design and construct a boardwalk for public use.ยท

The Town staff then asked for the community’s feedback on the design.

A variety of responses were submitted. Concerns about losing more sand was mentioned more than once. There was a suggestion to cover the pipe, not the sand. There were suggestions for better use of the money, that renovations were needed elsewhere. There were also concerns about what the weather systems will do to it, especially over the winter.

You can find the details at letstalk.forterie.ca/ bernard-beach-boardwalk-design

It is also pointed out that the boardwalk will make the area accessible to people with mobility issues.

As far as addressing the weather issue, the boardwalk will include a removable section close to the water that will help guard against the effects of severe weather.

In checking in with the progress at the beach on May 13, the boardwalk was well underway with

a small team from local contractor, Stevensville Lawn Service.

And in walking away, I couldn’t help but remember the days long ago, when the beach was thriving – in its glory days – without fences, without boulders, and donning a large snack bar.

That’s right. Can you imagine? Do you remember? In the 70s, there once was a large, wooden snack bar on the east side of the parking lot.

And life rolls on.

The boardwalk is expected to be completed by the end of May.

There are no upcoming events at this time.