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Picnic at Bay Beach: Try Something New

Christine Whelan FEO, August 31, 2023, VOL. 4 ISSUE 27

Advancing Crystal Beach (ACB) is inviting the community to try something new. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with the theme of Sand and Sea.

On September 9, 1:00 – 4:00 pm, under the pavilion at Bay Beach, a picnic like no other will be provided with the goal to further connect the community.

It started with a suggestion. The event was initiated by an idea that Gail Wardle came up with, according to Orma Bleeks of ACB. “We were looking for a fun event so we can raise some funds to run more fun activities and events, our usual focus on community benefit programs.”

Gail moved to Crystal Beach, bought a house in need of renovations, and after being welcomed into her new neighbourhood, she decided to give back to the community. She saw a real need in the village.

“I’m quite a community-minded person,” Gail shared. “Advancing Crystal Beach really appealed to me. The group seems to do the most for the whole community, no matter what age or status.”

She started out with Orma coordinating the volunteers.

But Gail wanted to do more and fundraising made more sense to her. She became the event coordinator for this particular event. “I thought a picnic at Bay Beach would bring the community together.” She stated it was her main goal for this event. “I also want to raise funds for Advancing Crystal Beach.”

This may be Wardle’s first event with ACB, but she has been involved in the coordination of several events, including fashion shows, community awareness events, and fundraising events for other nonprofits. So, she has brought that accumulated skill set to Crystal Beach.

A Team Effort

Orma added, “Like all activities we do, it’s a team effort. Scott has been very much involved as well.” Scott Boumeester is a new resident who has become an ACB volunteer. He is looking after the tickets.

Scott brought in his son-in-law, TJ Bowman, who developed the poster and ticket. TJ is moving down with his wife and Scott’s daughter, Taylor, to Crystal Beach, also bringing their skill sets to the village.

The Picnic

Orma and Scott both advise, to come with an empty stomach.

Orma expanded, “It will not be what people are used to,” describing the experience as a little more exotic, a little more extraordinary.

There will be a box lunch from the Crystal Beach Mercantile. Bleeks remarked, “The chef at The Mercantile is an expert at creating delicious delicacies. He’s really geared up to presenting something unusual. It won’t be an ordinary meal.”

Included in the menu are chocolate hors-d’Ĺ“uvres and sangria, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

And it won’t be just about the food.

For this event, ACB, according to Gail, has gone the extra mile. She says their guests will be getting quite a bit for their money, as well as their fundraising contribution. “We’ve purchased fabric in ACB colours to make tablecloths and napkins for the event. It’s going to be quite tasteful.”

She continued, “We also have Kristen Halfpenny, who is in the studio right now recording an album.. She’s a local jazz singer.” Adding, “We really tried to keep the event local.”

Gail announced, “We will have our firemen calendars for sale as part of the fundraiser.” They will be selling for $20.

Patrick Kelley of Molinillo and Cacao Inc. from Ridgeway will be giving a talk about chocolate and how to use it in different ways than we would think of. Gail remarked the experience will be like you’ve never had before.

Tickets for this ACB Fundraiser are $50 and are limited.

This is one of several fundraisers ACB is organizing throughout the year.

For tickets to enjoy a Picnic at Bay Beach, you can contact either Scott Boumeester by emailing sboumeester@yahoo.ca or calling him at 905-320-3387 and Orma Bleeks at ormableeks.acb@gmail.com.

Photos provided by Christine Whelan

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