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Message from Mayor Wayne Redekop

November 11, 2021

This Thursday, November 11th, marks the 103rd anniversary of the
armistice that ended the First Great War, the war to end all wars.
Remembrance Day is the opportunity for all Canadians to recognize and
commemorate the sacrifices of the men and women who served Canada in the
two World Wars, the Korean War, Afghanistan, as well as the Battle of
Ridgeway, Vietnam and numerous peace-keeping missions. November 8th is
Indigenous Veterans Day when we recognize and acknowledge the
contributions and sacrifices of our Aboriginal people in Canada’s war
efforts and peacekeeping. The poppy has been a symbol of remembrance in
Canada since 1921 and is worn in honour of all who served and continue
to serve Canada during times of war, conflict and peace. While
Remembrance Day ceremonies have been impaired for the past two years
because of the Covid pandemic, each of the Fort Erie and Ridgeway Royal
Canadian Legion branches will each hold ceremonies this year on November
11th: at 11 a.m. at the Ridgeway Cenotaph and at the Fort Erie Legion.
Please keep our veterans in mind on Thursday, and every day – Lest we

Fort Erie has been experiencing an upsurge of Covid-19 cases over the
past 2 weeks. As of November 7th, there were 55 active cases in Fort
Erie, the most in Niagara’s municipalities per capita by far. Many of
the recent cases have been in elementary school-age children, who are
not yet eligible for vaccination. In a number of instances, schools
have required entire classrooms of students to isolate themselves at
home and engage in online learning for several days, in order to stem
the spread of the virus. Public Health has set up testing clinics and is
closely monitoring the situation. Additional vaccination clinics have
been arranged in Fort Erie to ensure that everyone who wishes to be
vaccinated will be. Travel restrictions to the United States have been
lifted as of November 8th, which means that anyone who has been fully
vaccinated may travel by land to the United States.

However, while there are no testing requirements to enter the United
States, those returning to or entering Canada must show a valid PCR test
within 72 hours of the border crossing. This creates an impediment to
the free movement of people across the border, which the Canadian
government is reviewing at this time.
Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we all continue to follow
Public Health guidelines and take every precaution possible to contain
the virus. The message is clear: this pandemic is not over and we need
to continue to be vigilant in order to protect ourselves and those
around us, particularly the vulnerable. Please wash your hands
frequently, wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible or when
required by Public Health guidelines, don’t go out if you are not
feeling well and get vaccinated. Defeating Covid-19 is up to all of us.

Fort Erie has undergone a great deal of construction activity over the
past several years. In most cases, residential development requires
Council to approve planning applications related to the Town’s
Official Plan (which provides broad guidelines for how and where certain
types of development can take place) and Comprehensive Zoning By-Law
(which provides the basis for specific uses of land and regulations with
respect to what can be built). These applications are brought forward
by private property owners and the Town is obligated to process them.
Each such applications are subject to a public process prescribed by the
Planning Act. When making recommendations to Council regarding any
particular planning application, Town staff take into consideration a
variety of provincial, regional and municipal rules, regulations,
policies and laws, studies, reports required relative to natural
heritage, archaeology, traffic and infrastructure, as well as; comments
from a variety of government and non-government agencies; comments from
the public; and concerns raised by Council during the Public Meeting
held with respect to the application and in reviewing staff’s report
on the matter. Council makes their decision regarding any application,
bearing in mind strategic objectives adopted, the needs of the
community, recommendations from staff and, most significantly, the best
interests of our residents. Any resident or property owner who does not
agree with Council’s decision has a right to appeal to a provincial
tribunal that deals with planning matters.
Mayor Wayne Redekop

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