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Media Release (July 18, 2023) – Fort Erie Welcomes $100 Million Manufacturing Investment. Siltech Corporation expansion fuels local economic growth.

JULY 20, 2023

FORT ERIE – The Town of Fort Erie is delighted to announce the official groundbreaking construction of Siltech Corporation’s new 210,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. With a monumental investment of $100 million, this new facility is a milestone within our community. It is pivotal in bolstering our local economy and reinforcing our commitment to nurturing a thriving business landscape. 

This new facility is a significant investment for Fort Erie, the Niagara Region and the Province of Ontario. The Town of Fort Erie would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to Siltech and all individuals, businesses, and organizations involved in making this significant project a reality. Together, we are laying the groundwork for a brighter, prosperous future for all.

Incorporated in 1990, Siltech Corporation is a Canadian and privately-owned company. Siltech owns and operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Mississauga and one in Toronto. Siltech manufactures speciality silicone used in the personal care, automotive, agriculture, pulp and paper, and oil and gas industries. 

“Congratulations to Siltech Corporation on this exciting project and for recognizing the immense potential that Fort Erie offers to businesses. On behalf of Town Council, I extend our gratitude for their commitment to the continued economic growth of Fort Erie, Niagara, and Ontario.

This remarkable $100 million investment here in Fort Erie, with the support of the Province, Region, and municipality, will create much-needed employment opportunities and is a testament to Siltech’s unwavering confidence in our vibrant community. By choosing Fort Erie, Siltech becomes an integral part of our thriving manufacturing landscape, paving the way for further growth and prosperity. This investment sets a shining example for others and reinforces the bright future that lies ahead for our community.”  – Fort Erie Mayor Wayne H. Redekop

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