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Letters to the editor Nov. 29

Dear Editor,

I am totally appalled and outraged at Sandy Annunziata and the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s latest scheme.

They intend to change the rules in order to have control over selection of new board members.  They also intend to remain in power until they get their way.

Is this actually possible?

Politicians who have not been elected to the next Regional Council refusing to leave and taking the board hostage?  It is not democratic, that is certain.

Something must be done to stop this. The current NPCA is very developer-friendly and seems to side with developers at every turn.  This is not the mandate of a Conservation Authority.  They need to protect our natural areas rather than give easy access to their destruction.

I believe the NPCA must be dissolved immediately and taken over by an appointed, independent, unbiased third party until the new, democratically elected Regional Councillors are sworn in and can appoint board members in an ethical and democratic fashion.

Brigitte Bonner