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Grandparent Scam Warning

Niagara Regional Police Service News

2022-02-04 3:00:55 PM

This scam usually involves a phone call from someone claiming to be a family member (possibly a grandchild or child). The caller asks for help stating that they have been arrested. The caller may possibly hand the phone over to another person pretending to be a police officer who then demands money or gift cards to bail them out of jail.

If you receive a call like this, be prepared as the scammer may already know your grandchild’s name and what your grandchild calls you.

At times, the scammer may pretend to cry and this will make it difficult to recognize the voice in order to get you to fill in the blanks as to who they are.

If you receive a call like this,  do not wire the money or give the caller any further information. Hang up and call your grandchild or the family member back on the number you have.

Your local police service would never demand money to bail someone out of jail or send someone to your residence to collect bail money. Bail hearings are dealt with in court.

If you receive a call like this report the scam to:

your local police, and

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Toll-free at 1 888 495-8501

Email info@antifraudcentre.ca

Website: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Safety tips:

Never confirm any personal information over the phone.

Always verify who is calling.

Don’t be pressured. Take some time to process what you have been told, to see if it makes sense.

Ask a trusted friend or family member for their opinion.

If you’re in doubt, call your local police service.

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