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Fitness and Flow

By Melissa Roth May 26, 2022, VOL. 3 ISSUE 20

It has long been discussed that exercise is good for your overall health and wellbeing. From yoga to weight training, we all adopt variations of what exercise looks like for us, but what does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle? While, we all may seek to increase our longevity, and be wonderfully happy while doing so, is this 1 achievable and 2, is it sustainable? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is not the absence of any defects or illness but is a combination of physical, mental and social well-being.

            The questions I get asked most by clients: what is a healthy lifestyle, how do I adopt it, and how much will it cost?  There is no one way to do any of these things and keep in mind, that everybody is different. Whether you are single, together, or have kids, we all have unique challenges that we need to take into consideration.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle has turned into somewhat of a buzzword over the past decade. We see celebrities claiming their adoption of healthy living by posting on social media beautiful Balinese yoga retreats, personal chefs cooking gourmet healthy meals, or getting the latest detox treatments. Unfortunately, we do not all have this luxury, but fear not, I have great news! You don’t need to do these things to start living healthier! My suggestion is to start small and focus on the obvious thing (for them) first. For most clients, it is spending less time on social media, for others, it’s not stopping through a drive-thru every day. The thing about this “lifestyle” is it’s yours, and yours alone, but the general areas to begin to pay attention to are: media, food/beverages, and exercise. Pick one area first, and tackle that. The more your feel yourself succeeding, the more likely you are to continue!

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Health and well-being are commonly misunderstood as only what you eat. Yes, the foods you eat are important but equally as important is what you consume from news, social media, your job, and being under constant fluorescent lighting-all of these matter and play a huge factor in your overall wellbeing. Start by taking a look at where and how you spend the majority of your time. For most, it’s at work. While we have been able to adopt a “working from home” model, some still need to visit the office or work floor. I recommend that you start looking at how you spend your “home time” first. Do you come home, drop your bags and keys and immediately start scrolling through social media? Admittedly, I took can be guilty of this. What I have found works is to make a Monday to Friday routine. Before sitting down and starting the endless scrolling, go for a walk around your block, clear your mind from the crazy day you had, and allow yourself to be fully immersed in your surroundings. You would be amazed at how therapeutic and calming this can be!

How much will this all cost?

More good news! It can cost you very little or can cost you a lot. It depends on what you value. For instance, spending $200 for dinner at a restaurant. For some, that is a lot of money, but spending that same amount on vitamins, healthy at-home meals or gym memberships isn’t so bad. You can get caught up in any fad, purchase the most expensive gym membership, or buy all of the “recommended” supplements but is not at all necessary. Walking, running, and biking outdoors is free. Eating whole foods, minimally processed foods and drinking water all carry massive health benefits and you feel better too! When looking at what you might need as far as “things” go, start by seeking a gym, yoga, spin class etc. membership. This can be enticing and push you to exercise more! Ask the establishment if they offer a trial period for you to see if it is a good fit. Having a good quality multivitamin is important and one of the ones we all need. Don’t get lost in the sea of information and half-truths. Seek out expert opinions on supplementation and go from there!

            At the very least, become more aware of your triggers and start to avoid them. Start incorporating more nutrient-dense food options and keep a journal of how you feel. You might be surprised at how you no longer need that 2 pm coffee, or after-work catnap. Focus on what is important to you!


Before any type of exercise, you must check in with your healthcare provider to ensure the type of exercise is right for your body and your health. 

Melissa Roth (2022)

Owner Buddha Fitness Studio

Ridgeway, Ontariowww.buddhafitnessstudio.com

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