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Featured Stories

Choux Paste: The Iconic French Delicacy

 Autumn Wartman (Gr.11 GFESS), January 4, 2023 Choux paste has been enjoyed worldwide since its invention in 1540 and has become one of the cornerstones of French cuisine.  Choux paste can be piped into cream puffs, eclairs, crullers, and profiteroles. The mastermind behind the choux

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Checking In With Change in 2024

Christine Whelan FEO, January 4, 2024, VOL. 5 ISSUE 9 From infancy to old age, individuals need predictable routines to thrive. We strive to create routines so we feel safe and secure, organized, in control, and confident in who and what is in our lives,

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Important changes to Blue Box Program begin Jan. 1

Niagara Region News Beginning Jan. 1 2024, Niagara Region’s residential recycling program will no longer be managed by the Region and responsibility for the program will be taken on by Circular Materials, a producer responsibility organization that is administering contracts for Blue Box (which includes

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