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DSBN FanCon Returns April 27th to GFESS

By Christian Kentie, April 11, 2024, VOL. 5 ISSUE 16

It’s that time of year again, the days are getting longer, the birds are chirping, and even the faint promise of a warm day flutters across the forecast giving hope to our souls after a long cold winter. Springtime is indeed here again and for the nerd community of Niagara that can mean only one thing. FanCon will be here before you know it!

Every spring our community comes together to share a love of comics, board games, video games, film, television, cosplay, literature and just about any nerdy hobby imaginable. I know, you can’t imagine that there could be anything that sets our local convention apart from every other commercial “Comic Convention” out there; High ticket prices, overpriced vendors, celebrity guests phoning in panels after hours of souls-sucking autograph signings and photo ops all while behind the scenes you can feel your hard earned money being used and abused to line the pockets of those trying to profit off your passions. NOT HERE!! 

DSBN FanCon was founded on the principles of education and accessibility and that is where our feet will remain firmly planted. At FanCon the goal has always been to help passionate hobbyists realize their potential and learn how to work towards turning their passions into careers as often the barrier between these two points is simply “How do I get started?”. We work with our guests to provide an interactive learning experience that will challenge you to learn something new and may even change your perspective on how realistic your dreams can be.

Thanks to our amazing community sponsors we can offer this event to the community for FREE. There will be a vendor hall, panels with industry experts in Literature, Films, Television, Comics and more as well as amazing exhibitors for miniature gaming, lightsaber fencing and pro wrestling you are going to want to set the whole day aside so you don’t miss any of the action. The Frugal Dutchman is proud to present the return of Dungeon Master Ky Holierhoek with last year’s fan favourite “Whose Dungeon is It Anyway” where the story is made up and the audience makes the choices. We have a great day planned for the whole family including our Kid Zone space for the novice nerdlings in your family!

2024 marks our 7th FanCon and we are more excited than ever to share this year’s event with you. 2024 is the year of cosplay at FanCon. While we love having the cosplayers come out and share their gifts at the convention every year, this year we have pro cosplayers from all over Ontario joining us to share tips and tricks on how to level up your cosplay game. Pretty Nerdy Crystal, Reedspropsplus, Seracosplay, Thenerdybody, Kareem Dreams, Imagineeramy, and our own BPMcosplay will all be in attendance and in costume for panels, workshops and of course judging for the FanCon Masquerade. If cosplay is your cup of tea, make sure to bring your A-game.

Be sure to take advantage of a photo-op and signing with local pro wrestling personalities Ethan Strong and Robbie Reckless. Chippawa Fire Department will be in attendance with their 1938 Lafrance fire engine featured in the holiday classic “A Christmas Story”. Start your engines and join in the classic Mario Kart time trial and learn the basics of playing Warhammer and Miniature painting from our friends at the Mini Wargaming Bunker. It truly will be a fun filled day!

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge a few of our sponsors: The Frugal Dutchman, The Embrace Centre, Brodies Drug Store and Maria’s Downtown Diner. Without the generosity of local businesses like these FanCon would not be possible, please be sure to show them your support. 

For more information about DSBN FanCon, our Event Schedule, and Vendor Application, or to volunteer at the event please visit our website dsbnfancon.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest news and updates!

DSBN FanCon 2024

April 27th, 10 am-5 pm

Greater Fort Erie Secondary School

1640 Garrison Rd Fort Erie ON

Entry is FREE!!

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