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COVID-19 Update – Message from Mayor Wayne Redekop

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Fort Erie has experienced a spike in cases of COVID-19 in recent days,

a troubling sign as children head back to school and a change in weather

with the fall looms. On a positive note, Fort Erie remains the

municipality in Niagara with the second-lowest case counts per 10,000

residents, with only rural Wainfleet being lower. But this is not a time

for residents to become complacent.

Throughout the pandemic, the Town’s Emergency Operations Committee

(EOC) has met frequently to monitor the state of infections; put in

place policies to ensure the safety of employees, residents and

visitors; stay current with ever-changing provincial and regional

emergency orders; promote public health guidelines; and, provide weekly

updates to residents.

The EOC is made up of senior staff members and the mayor and is headed

by the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Tom Kuchyt. For nearly 18

months, municipal staff has maintained responsibility for their regular

employment duties while undertaking the work necessary to ensure the

safety of the workplace and our community.

There have been many acts of generosity and social kindness during the

pandemic, with service clubs, church organizations, businesses and

individuals stepping up to meet the needs of others during this

sometimes seemingly endless crisis. I, and Council, thank each and every

one who has been a good neighbour and reached out to those in need. I

encourage everyone to play a part in overcoming this insidious virus.

Each week, the Town receives from Niagara Region Public Health a status

update with respect to the number of cases of COVID-19 in Fort Erie and

Niagara, the severity of those cases, the positivity rate of testing and

other important data. This information is available to the public on the

Town of Fort Erie website and social media. The Town also posts a link

to the Niagara Region Public Health COVID-19 website, which provides

daily updates to a wider range of data including active cases, total

cases and vaccination numbers.

While over 70% of Fort Erie residents have received their first dose of

a vaccine and over 65% are fully vaccinated, we are still behind the

Regional and Provincial numbers for those categories. To alert those who

wish to obtain their first or second dose of the vaccination, the Town

is placing information on our website and social media regarding

vaccination clinics being hosted in Town and pharmacies that are

providing the vaccinations. I urge everyone to become fully vaccinated,

the one sure way to protect yourself, those around you and our


Mayor Wayne Redekop

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