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Brimstone’s Punk Rock Pilsner now in select LCBO stores

When creating a new beer, the options are only limited by the imagination.

“You start with an idea and move to the style you want to do. The style depends on the three main ingredients in a beer—hops, malt and yeast, says Zack Gagnon.

Brimstone Brewing Company’s brewmaster has been responsible for creating almost 40 different types of beers inside the former church.

Last month, the brewery announced that its Punk Rock Pilsner is now available in select LCBO stores across Ontario in single serve cans. It’s Brimstone Brewing Company’s second LCBO listing.

Gagnon says Pilsner malts are heightened by the hop profile creating a citrus aroma with a slight bitterness

The reaction to the product has been “really positive” so far.

“We find it’s a really good balance between craft drinkers and non-craft drinkers. So, Pilsner is a style more classic or older beer drinkers can relate to,” Gagnon says.

“The fact that it’s dry hopped, unfiltered leaves it with enough flavour where craft beer drinkers can really still take a liking to it.”

Influenced by punk bands of the 80s and 90s, Gagnon came up with the idea to hold a concert to showcase local punk rock talent and launch a new beer at the same time.

“I wanted to do a show to showcase a lot of my friends’ and we thought it was a great idea to launch the beer,” he said.

The first punk rock show was held in March 2017 and coincided with the official launch of the Punk Pilsner. The event, Gagnon says, was a complete success and is quickly becoming a tradition.

“Even now that (Punk Rock Pilsner) is sold year-round, we’ll still do the show (for a third time) this Spring,” he says.

The Brimstone Brewing Company is an independently owned brewery inside the Sanctuary Centre for the Arts, a re-imagined church located in the heart of downtown Ridgeway.

A newly built enclosed and heated patio and ‘Brimstone Beach’ fronts the brewery has become a popular destination for craft beer enthusiasts and foodies.

Gagnon said Brimstone has grown significantly and it’s becoming more popular.

“It’s funny, when you’re at a beer festival or a party and you hear someone that doesn’t know that you have anything to do with the company talking about it, then you know you’re getting a very honest opinion.”

Gagnon says Brimstone has a “really positive” image in the beer industry and was recently named one of the top five most improved breweries by the Craft Beer Guide of Ontario.