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Enjoy a Spirited Evening Out with Seika Groves

A large part of what of what Seika Groves says she does is to prove that ghoulishly awful sound someone hears isn’t, in fact, a ghost or spirit.

Anytime she’s asked to visit somewhere that’s thought to be haunted, her first instinct is to look for clues that science is playing a trick on someone.

“I think I am my own best skeptic. We get to debunk so many things,” the medium says.

“We’ll look at the air conditioning, HVAC, things like that because there are times when science explains why you might be experiencing something.”

While many might not believe spirits to be real, Groves, an award-winning psychic medium and paranormal investigator who has a degree in archaeology, says they’re very real, it’s just that not everyone can perceive them.

Anyone who took a Bridgeburg Haunted History Walking Tour last summer will recognize Groves, who is well known in the region for sharing some of Niagara’s spooky history.

Last October, Groves and her partner, Edd Scorpio conducted an investigation of the Bell Tower Community Arts and Entertainment Complex with a small group of people in tow. She says there are definitely quite a few spirits that reside in the former Central Avenue church.

“When we do a paranormal investigation, I always give everyone an idea of what we’re going to do and I tell them not to scream or react in a negative way.”

At one point during the investigation, whether it was a spirit or just the effects of Mother Nature, the power went out, which sent chills up the spines of the small group.

Groves says the former church was built in the early 1900s, which means many people and decades of history have passed through its doors.

Groves says Fort Erie has a rich and deep history and hopes to help preserve some of it.

Along with Scorpio, Groves says plans are in the works to one day open up a museum inside Bertie Hall, which will be dedicated to Bridgeburg’s history.

“We’ve made a presentation the Bridgeburg (Business Improvement Association and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback.”

Now, Grove says, comes “all of the politics.”

“Bertie Hall is maintained and owned by Niagara Parks so it’s something we are working on to one day open a museum there. It’s something that’s at least two to three years down the road,” she explains.

Anyone interested in attending a reading, or is just curious about Groves is invited to A Spirited Evening Out with Groves at the Bell Tower. The event is scheduled for Saturday, March 2.

The doors will open at 7 p.m. and the evening will begin at 7:50 p.m. Tickets are $30 per person. 

The evening will offer messages, stories and inspiration. For tickets click here. 

Groves says that she believes when one life ends, that life energy continues beyond the realm of the physical world, and given the right conditions, it’s something she is able to tap into. The Spirits, she says, often have messages which may be helpful in our daily lives.

She cautions people that she doesn’t predict the future.

“How do I describe these things? I just call them gallery readings because what it is much like what you might see on the Long Island Medium,” Groves explains.

“There will be a small group of people in the room and hopefully people come to give me messages and I give them to the people there.”

When asked if there was a common theme during one of her readings, Groves says each one is different.

“There isn’t one thing. Every single time I’ve done this, they’re all different,” Groves says.

“One time I had a grandma come through talking about lollipops.”

Groves recalls she walked up to a group of women, who she didn’t know at the time were actually sisters, and pointed to one and told her she didn’t like black lollipops.

“Stuff like that you can’t make up. I knew nothing about them and they couldn’t stop laughing because their grandmother always remembered the one sister hated black lollipops.”