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Mothers make the impossible possible

Marina Butler
Fort Erie Observer

She was always there. That’s what I remember most about my mother. She had a presence in my life that was indescribable.

I can remember the first time that I tried to draw a house but couldn’t figure out how to draw a window. It was a bright sunny morning and I was five years old. I ran into her room where she was sitting in front of a sewing machine making clothes for my siblings and I.

In those years, she designed and made a lot of our clothes. It was cheaper than buying and everything she made was a testament to her love for us.

But at that very moment, when all that mattered to me was learning how to draw a window, she stopped what she was doing, turned to me with a welcoming smile and showed me.

Overwhelming joy. That’s what I felt at that moment. It wouldn’t be until much later in my life when I would come to realize that she gave me so much more than an art lesson that day. She gave me belief.

Belief, for me is that inner voice that reminds us we are not alone and that anything, if we try, is possible.

Whether it’s learning to draw a window, falling off a bicycle face down on a sidewalk, landing the dream job that never came to be, or starting a business that should bring great pleasure, belief is what allows us to persevere – dust yourself off and get back to it – because the worst has already happened.

Belief, too, that no matter what is happening around us, to us or the people who love us, life will always find a way to surprise us.
What started out as a lesson to draw a window became so much more throughout my life. I was blessed to receive many moments of joy with my mother and experience her unconditional love.

Sadly, she passed. Though the years since her loss have been many, I still hear her laughter. I see her smile. I feel her love.

I thanked her for many things during our lifetime together, but I don’t remember if I ever thanked her for always being there. She was more than my mother. She was my best friend. My confidant. My heart.

I love you mom. Thank you for teaching me belief. I would not have known what was possible in my life had you not taught me that.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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