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Three Ferrises Boutique highlights a family history of fashion

An endearing love of fashion lines the walls of the newly re-opened high-end fashion boutique Three Ferrises in downtown Ridgeway.

For Ferris Beck-Stone, the fashion that lines the walls is part of her family history. Not only are the clothing, shoes, boots, and jewellery items lining the walls exclusive lines hand picked by Beck-Stone, but the framed sketches along the boutique’s entrance are important reminders of her family’s history.

“I was named after my aunt Ferris Cobb,” Beck-Stone says.

“She was a fashion designer, and all she wanted to do was travel to Toronto to design magazine covers in the 1900s.”

Because of the time, however, Cobb’s father prohibited her from this pursuit and Cobb later died in childbirth in 1929. Beck-Stone was named after her aunt and, in her memory, she’s carrying out her aunt’s desire and passion for fashion with her boutique. The third Ferris of the boutique is Beck-Stone’s daughter.

“Ferris Cobb is so instrumental in my fashion and creative sides,” she says, “and now her paintings are finally hung for everyone to see in the store.”

Ferris is proud of her aunt and proud of what she’s now able to bring to the women of Fort Erie.

Three Ferrises Women’s Boutique re-opened last Monday after the shop underwent renovations and had its grand re-opening ribbon cutting on Saturday, April 6 with Mayor Wayne Redekop attending, but Ferris Beck-Stone has been active in the Fort Erie community for years.

For many years she’s volunteered at Douglas Memorial Hospital, buying clothing, pyjamas, and jewellery for their gift shop, bringing smiles to patients and family as well as improving sales. Her improvements, she says, have been noticed by other healthcare facilities in the region and brought them similar successes.

Outside of Fort Erie, she’s been in the retail market for over 30 years, buying fashion pieces from designers for stores across Buffalo and New York and providing commentary for fashion shows, but the last 11 years she’s spent her time back home in Fort Erie. Between raising her three children, she’s always maintained her fingers on the pulse of the high-end fashion world and upcoming trends, keeping opportunities and connections open.

For the Ridgeway boutique, she saw an opportunity that was missing in Fort Erie for a high-end exclusive shop specializing in “sophisticated urban styles” for women that highlighted a one-on-one experience, according to April Mitchell-Boudreau, lead designer for jewellery line Lofttan. Lofttan is just one of the exclusive Canadian lines featured at Three Ferrises.

“I want to keep the lines in the boutique Canadian and European inspired.”

She says her main desire for the boutique is “dress women so they feel at their personal best,” and insists that profit is not the goal.

“I wouldn’t let any woman leave the store in something that they didn’t feel comfortable in or that didn’t fit just right,” she laughs.

Entering the store, a light, open and welcoming aura “rises up to meet you,” says Mitchell-Boudreau. “You’re engaged immediately” like you’re “walking into your own aspirational closet.” Space is open for one-on-one consultations with plenty of mirrors and room to move around, ensuring that the clothing moves as you do.

“There’s good karma, here,” says Redekop on hearing the journey of the three Ferrises from Beck-Stone herself.

Three Ferrises is open seven days a week and Beck-Stone offers after-hours appointments as well. More information and updates can be found on the Facebook page and Instagram pages for Three Ferrises Women’s Boutique.

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